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Are you inquisitive? Do you have a thirst to produce your best work? Then maybe you should join us on our journey.

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A day in the studio

08:15 AM

First thing in the morning, the team roll in before their 08:30 start. There’s a strong aroma of coffee in the air and catch ups take place over our cereal of choice. Shreddies FTW!

01 / 08

Our core values

We’ve built a strong company based around some fundamental values. There’s nothing complicated here. But it’s what keeps us together - which is important.


Be nice to people

(don't be an arse)

Focus on quality

(don't ship shit)

Take pride in your work

(don't cut corners)

Collaborate to innovate

(sharing is caring)

Keep things simple

(don't complicate matters)

Enjoy what you do

(have fun)
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Work/life balance

Half day fridays from home

We implemented a four and a half day week in 2014. Now, Friday afternoons are spent out walking, cycling, down the beach or with loved ones. The result is a happier team and better quality work.

Building relationships

Socials with the team

It’s clichéd but so very true for us. Our company is only as strong as the team who work here. We put great emphasis on team socials (like eating, drinking, pitch and putt, bowling, BBQ on the common) for this very reason.

Genuine screen breaks

Take sensible downtime during work hours

Sitting still and staring at a screen all day does nothing for your wellbeing. So get up, play ping pong, go for a wander, use some of our quiet areas and get some headspace.

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