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Hasbro Ignite

Hasbro works closely with hundreds of professional toy and game inventors.

The Challenge

They needed a complete case management platform to track the progress of submissions and to digitally store related documents. This system would need to be accessed by both admins and the inventors, and ideally provide metrics for analysis by the management team.

Technical challenges

We had to develop a way to clearly, securely and reliably manage hundreds of cases and media files for the new Ignite platform. Our initial research also highlighted other areas where we could add real value to the work of the Hasbro team, such as creating a facility for digital signatures, and the large scale distribution of information documents to inventors.

Improved communication

The key to any successful client/ company relationship is great communication. We built features into Ignite that would remove the need to send out disjointed emails from individual accounts, with one main contact and document storage point. We also added the ability to bulk send briefing documents, and as inventors are now able to log in and view the status of their submissions, they no longer need to chase the Hasbro team individually for updates.

The client said:

Working with Si digital has been a very professional and fluid experience. They met the challenges we set at every stage and developed the project in a way that truly conveyed the positive benefits of innovating with Hasbro. I look forward to working with them again on other projects in the near future.

Phil Sage / Director of Global Product Acquisition & Inventor Relations - Hasbro

Hasbro support

Maintaining an overview of hundreds of current cases, with new ones being added every day, is a big challenge. Ignite allows Hasbro staff to coordinate internal review meetings, produce agendas and add confidential notes to each case. Managers can also access metrics and data for performance analysis, and generate reports for the Senior Team.

Updates and new features

As we built the entire Ignite platform in-house, we can offer ongoing support and the addition of new features when required by the Hasbro team. Our latest version includes the ability to access the platform and add new submissions when offline, which has been of particular benefit to team members working remotely at Toy Fairs and external events.


Designing and developing bespoke software solutions that make professional environments better is one of our specialisms. By identifying weaknesses in the existing process we were able to create client specific digital solutions to overcome obstacles and improve the experience of all parties. Ignite has seen fantastic levels of engagement from staff and inventors, and we are working closely with the Hasbro team to add new features that will support their future growth.

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